Yarns are furnished in almost every size and blend both single and plied. They are available in natural, producer dyed colors, stock dyed colors, skein dyed colors, package dyed colors, etc. Solids, heather, and blends are available from stock supported mill collections or custom produced to customer specifications. Shipments are made to and from many domestic and overseas locations.

Here is our product List

Spinning Systems    
Cotton (Ring and Open-End) Mid Fiber  
Woolen Novelty  
Worsted Other Proprietary Systems  
Acrylic Flax Polypropylene
Alpaca Mohair Rayon
Cashmere Nylon Silk
Cotton Polyester Wool
Novelty Yarns    
Bouclé Chenille Fur
Slub Tape Eyelash
Ribbon Marl Softball
Cones Tubes  
Skeins Dye Tubes  
Hanks Balls  
End Uses    
Machine-Knitting Weaving  
Braiding Hand-knitting  
Specialty  Crafts  
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